With its archaic beauty, dignity, Eros and humour Flamenco is one of the deepest art forms I know.
Flamenco goes directly to the core of life, to the centre of the human soul, there where dark and light, life and death, joy and sorrow meet.

The wise Confucius (China, 551-479 BC) said: “show me how people dance and I will tell you whether their civilization is sick or in good health”.

Maurice Béjart: "It is nothing new to speak of the solitude of the modern human being in the bosom of a torn civilization. However, man does not only suffer from this solitude, rather, more than anything, he also suffers from a deep division of self. We have separated the education of the body, the spirit and that centre which, depending on the civilization, we call soul, heart, intuition or transcendental knowledge.
Here the spirit -there the body-, here sex -and there the heart-, a perpetual vivisection which, nowadays, each human being is experiencing as a deep sense of unease.
Dance is one of the few human activities where the human being is totally involved: body, heart and spirit."